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Want a Body You’re Proud Of AND a Healthy Lifestyle You Love? Then You Don’t Need Another Diet!

Hey there I’m Adriana. I help smart, savvy, driven women just like you to slim down so you can not only rock your outfit but you can enjoy a lifestyle to match. As hard as it might be for you to believe right now, I‘ll teach you how to have this in a way that’s easier, and heaps more enjoyable than you’d ever thought possible – it’s time to kiss guilt and deprivation goodbye!

Hmmm... do any of these sound familiar?

  • Tried a bunch of diet plans but you’re still stuck in body that just feels yuk
  • You “know what to do” but somehow you’re still not doing it (WTF!)
  • Suffer from emotional eating, feelings of guilt or frustration around food & exercise
  • Feel bloated, guilty and maybe even a bit ashamed
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated at yourself, feel that being slim and fit is a never ending chore
  • What If I Told You There Was An Easier & More Enjoyable Way?

  • To Lose weight (most ladies I work with want to lose between 5kg-10kg... sometimes more)
  • Have more energy
  • Stop feeling bloated and exhausted
  • Stop feeling frustrated for eating the "wrong" things and not exercising "enough"
  • Feel hot in your clothes, at work and when you go out
  • Feel proud of yourself
  • Still have a social life... with you know, friends and stuff!
  • Ok... sounds good so far right, but you’re wondering what is so different from my method? Honestly, the problem with most other diet programs is that they:

  • Ignore the importance of pleasure in your life for weight loss. (I think it’s key)
  • Aren't sustainable– (try and stop me from never eating a French pastry again & see what happens)
  • Don’t teach you how to never need to be on another program, plan or diet again.
  • Focus on what you need to cut out (I focus on what you need more of in your life to make it more pleasurable so you can stop feeding the voids in your life with toxic food, booze, etc)
  • Assume you want the same things as everyone else. They assume your definition of healthy should be the same as everyone else's. (I’ll teach you what works for you)
  • Ignore the impact that stress has on your ability to shift weight (biochemistry can be cruel).
  • I get it. I know and understand first hand your frustrations (I used to be you).

    You may have some pieces of the puzzle already, but they just never seem to gel together for long enough to get the outcome you truly crave - A hot body you're proud of with a healthy lifestyle you love. I get it. I understand. And I can help you get there.

    As a qualified Food & Wellness Coach (and Personal Trainer), I’ve helped thousands of women (as well as myself) just like you over the last 7+ years to not just lose weight (that’s nice) but take back control, regain self confidence and find peace with their bodies (that’s better – trust me). You can do it to.

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