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I'm a Healthy Habits Coach specializing in positive behavioural changes to your lifestyle.

I don't just teach you what to change, I teach you how to change.  

My specially designed programs and coaching are results driven and will have you feeling confident and committed to following through with what you say you want to do.


I will teach you:

  • How to break down your health & fitness goals in a way that make it almost impossible not to follow through, even during times of low motivation and willpower.
  • How to get "back on track" with your healthy lifestyle with little fuss and drama.
  • How to decipher between what will work for you and what will just cause you more stress, frustration and aggravation. 

I work with women who:

  • Know that losing weight physically is one thing, but emotionally that’s a different story, and you need help with this.
  • Approach their health and well-being with an all or nothing attitude which is great for a 6 week challenge – but then what? You crash and burn, and you want to change this.

  • Want to have a lifestyle where chocolate, champagne, french pastries, cheese and bread make an appearance along with the kale, berries, broccoli and cacao.  

I'm not the coach for you if:

  •  You are not interested in getting to the root cause of your body image issues and that general feeling of not being “good enough:
  •  Want a personal training session in a gym or a bootcamp class.
  •  You don’t care if the results are not permanent as long as you can look good for just a short period of time at any cost. (even if deep down you still don’t like their body)

My Healthy Habits Coaching is designed to teach and empower you to create and embed positive lifestyle changes. 


By providing my clients & facebook community with support, structure & accountability results are inevitable and sustainable.